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The financial management process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. Once we've established your overall objectives, we’ll focus on your specific goals.

With changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate investing sensibly over the long run and maintaining an adequate level of insurance coverage. We work with you side by side so that you’re confident in and comfortable with the financial suggestions we make.

Some of the services we offer:

Life Insurance

High quality, competitively priced Life Insurance products, including permanent, term, combination and variable policies.


We offer a full range of investment options from transaction based mutual fund accounts to managed portfolios with institutional managers. Determining your asset allocation needs and helping you understand your risk tolerance is critical in building a suitable portfolio. When you combine a sound asset allocation strategy with high quality investments you position can yourself towards reaching your goals.*


We offer high quality, innovative Annuity Products from a variety of highly rated carriers. Choose from deferred and immediate annuities at variable and fixed rates of return.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance reimburses some or all of the costs of care received in settings such as the home, the community, alternate living facilities or nursing facilities.

Disability Income Insurance

The unexpected loss of your ability to earn an income due to an accident or illness can be financially devastating. Protect the assets you've been able to accumulate by guaranteeing ongoing income with a well designed disability income protection plan.

Business Retirement Plans

Having the right retirement plan type and plan design is critical for both the owner and the employees of a business. In today’s environment, business owners should be very concerned that they're meeting their legal requirements with a company sponsored retirement plan. Recent legislation has added more responsibility to the business owners/plan trustees and, if not handled properly, can create fiduciary issues which could expose the owner/trustees to personal liability for failing to meet the regulations. A well structured and monitored plan, along with a good employee education program, can help minimize the owner’s fiduciary liability and protect them from claims by the employees and/or regulators.

We have access to multiple high quality retirement plan providers as well as third party administrators to help administer the plan, plus resources to assist with the proper plan design that could help owners and key employees maximize their ability to save for retirement. Plans can either be turnkey or use the services of independent third party administrators.

Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, you've likely spent a lot of years and money in building something of value. But what happens to that value if you, a partner, or a key employee dies or leaves the company, or if an owner wants to retire? Will the company be able to continue operating?

A well thought out and properly funded succession plan can help business owners protect that value. Not only can the owner’s financial future be more secure but so can the future of the company’s employees. We can help you develop that plan.

Offering a Competitive Benefits Package

A competitive benefits package is critical in today’s labor market. Attracting and retaining good employees is very important to the financial stability of the company. High turnover can lead to lost productivity and higher training costs for the company, thus affecting profitability.

Often business owners think that they can't afford a state-of-the-art benefits package when, in reality, a good package can be designed with some options partially or fully paid for by the employees. We have a wide variety of quality benefits options for any company of any size.

Allow me to help you analyze your needs and develop a package tailored to meet your needs and budget.

*Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please note that individual situations can vary. Therefore, the information presented here should only be relied upon when coordinated with individual professional advice.

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